Monday, February 27, 2012

... on chilly mornings on a winter beach

From some reasons, I had a really hard time writing this blog post. I couldn't quite figure why. Perhaps one of the reasons is the spelling of the beach name I took this photo on. I really try to avoid spelling mistakes, especially in the names of the places (even though, "from historical reasons", I have a slight spelling mistake in the title of my blog - it's "Tel Aviv", not "Tel-Aviv" with hyphen, like it says in the title - I really must fix it one of these days!). And I took this photo on Metzizim (Mezizim? Metzitzim? Metsitsim?) beach.
This is not my favorite Tel Aviv beach. In summer time it gets really crowded, perhaps due to the proximity of large parking lots of Tel Aviv port. It's quite small, being tucked between the port and the fenced segregated beach (that has separate bathing days for men and women). But it's the one most close to my home, and this is where I ventured Friday morning.
Do you know this feeling when you happen to be one of the first to arrive someplace that just have been opened? It's though the place had been opened - or even maybe created! - just for you. This is what I felt that Friday morning on the beach. The staff of the beach cafe had just started arranging the small low tables and the plastic yellow chairs on the sand. The sand was still so fresh, almost unmarked with tracks. Everything was so new, recent, inviting. And it was so great to open a book, and glance at the grayish winter sea and sky, and recall what is looked like when it was summer.
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Melissa said...

I love this photo <3

sparrow said...

This would be perfect to make a postcard from. You put the text underneath"thinking of you". Great picture.

Leif Hagen said...

A wonderful beach scene! Soooo wonderful to see daily photos from Tel-Aviv! Keep us the good work!
Regards from EAGAN daily photo

Andrea said...

The photo doesn't look cool even if the lady has sweaters on, maybe because of the orange color of the sand and the clear horizon. I am just wondering why the sand looks uneven as if it was bulldozed or raked! I am accustomed to see beaches with very clear flat sand as the waters left them, our country is an archipelago so beaches are everywhere.

Jack said...

I wish I could see the picture too but its not loading. But from your words, I guess you had an amazing time at this place. And yeah its great to arrive somewhere being the first!

Tech IT Solutions said...

Sunny mornings on the beach in winters is the fantasy of mine. It's such a nice place so as the picture of you.