Hey there! I'm Olga.

I live in Tel Aviv, a city that constantly inspires me. Inspires to go for a walk on a shady boulevard, ride a bike along the promenade, drink a cup of coffee in one of the numerous street cafes, walk barefoot on a beach as the sun sets down in the Mediterranean sea. And most of all, to try and capture these experiences, these moments of city joy. (And not less important, to bicker on the moments of occasional frustration with the many deficiencies that the life in the big city is about as well.)

This blog is about my city experiences. I write about my favorite places, my walk routes, boutiques where I shop and cafes where I lunch. When I see around me something beautiful or noteworthy, I try to capture it on a camera, because I believe that the beauty should be multiplied and shared around as much as possible. And a blog seems like a good platform to share this beauty.

Here's a random non-inclusive list of stuff that I love (besides Tel Aviv):

 - French language and everything French - songs, books, movies. You can judge by my ever-growing Francophilie board on Pinterest
 - Books. And coffee... This is why I adore these bookstores with coffee shops inside, and this is why I mourned closure of Borders stores
 - Painting and photography - take a look at my Flickr and Instagram pages
 - Cycling (I cycle as often as I possibly can) and surfing (meanwhile did it only once, but this love is for life)
 - My favorite cities outside Tel Aviv are Paris and San Francisco
 - Technology and the way it makes our lives richer and better: digital camera, eReader, and smart phone are just a few examples

You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and greetings from Tel Aviv!

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