Tuesday, September 17, 2013

... while people watching and window shopping on Ibn Gabirol st.

Cycling on David Hamelech (King David) blvd.
Today, on my way back from some early morning chores, even though I was in a bit of a rush, I couldn't resist and took some time to walk under Ibn Gabirol's st. arcades. I've already sung praises to the wonders of these arcades - cool and shady in summer, providing a shelter on a rainy day, they are really perfect for a city stroll. And they are also perfect for the window shopping of Ibn Gabirol's stores, that line this long and busy street, and for watching people that walk, cycle, shop, meet, and drink coffee in the many cafes along Ibn Gabirol.
"Tsav Kria" - used bookstore near Rabin sq.
The used bookstore "Tsav Kria" is one of my favorite in the city. It's small but really well organized, with a great book selection and reasonable prices. There's something truly special about the used books - every time I open one, I can't help but wonder about its previous owners - what's their library looked like? What they liked in this book? Had they highlighted any passages or wrote some notes on the margins? I really like finding these notes, these mementos from the previous book owners - to me, it adds so much to the value of the book!

I must mention here two books-related blogs that I really like: Bookstore guide is an amateur guide to book shopping throughout Europe. Since I'm a fan of bookstore tourism, I check it up whenever I travel, to see if there are interesting bookstores at my destination. And Forgotten bookmarks is a lovely blog by a used & rare bookseller, who writes about "the personal, funny, heartbreaking and weird" things he finds in those books.
"Chocolata" on Chocolate blvd.
There are so many chocolate boutiques on Ibn Gabirol, that Haaretz newspaper had dedicated them an article suggesting to nick-name the street "Chocolate Boulevard"! Read this nice article for "3 hour chocolate tour on Ibn Gabirol", see my other posts about this pretty special and unique street, and check out Our World Tuesday for more photos, posts and stories from interesting places all over the world.


Melissa said...

The first photo is just wonderful. Chocolate <3 yum :D

Kate said...

You certainly had a lovely stroll along this lovely street.

Unknown said...

Great area!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Dina said...

I haven't been to Ibn Gabirol in so many years. But your pictures and your telling about the chocolate stores may change my mind. :)

K V V S MURTHY said...

Well narrated with good pics!

J. said...

Haha, yes! Ibn Gabirol str should indeed be called something with chocolate, Haaretz is definitely right about that! Thanks for linking to the article, btw, I had missed it but read it now :)

Ernesto said...

When did Chocolata open for business in Ibn Gbirol? Must be late 2010 or after. Lived in Tel Aviv and worked around the Bnei Dan area for 5 years and missed it totally.

Nisha said...

I liked the first pic very much. :)

Well narrated with equally good pics.

Keep it up.

Louisette said...

Wonderfull bvd with full végétations palm tree, very green,
greeting from Belgium.