Monday, April 2, 2012

... when having a walk on a rainy day (Ibn Gvirol street)

Nordau - Ibn Gvirol intersection
It was so hot today, that I could hardly recall how a few weeks ago it was raining so heavily on Friday morning, that I really couldn't think of venturing outside. Then I thought of one place a walk was not only possible, but also reasonable on a rainy day - under the arcades of Ibn Gvirol buildings.

This is how it was raining! I really liked this small graffiti sign. I think it loves Tel Aviv too :)

Ibn Gvirol is a long, long street, constructed from typical (to Ibn Gvirol) 4-floor buildings: the 3 upper floors are residential, and the ground floor holds shops and businesses. Under the buildings, in front of the shops, there's a kind of arcade that shelters from the rain in the winter, and from the sun in the summer.
"Efrata" designer boutique at 175 Ibn Gvirol st. - great for window shopping, and for the regular shopping as well

And so, this is a really great walk for a rainy day: you can go from a shop to a shop, window shopping, buying an occasional cup of coffee and continue walking, watching the rain pouring outside...

For your Tel Aviv address book:
175 Ibn Gvirol st., Tel Aviv

Visit Scenic Sunday for views from all over the world. And also - CDP's theme day today is cobblestone. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants. Ah, and happy April Fools' day everyone!


Melissa said...

Here in Finland it started to snow again. not nice :(

Dina said...

You found a good solution. The shiny street is pretty.
Yesterday in Jerusalem it rained mud. Just in time for Pesach cleaning.

LadyFi said...

Wonderful shots with the streets shining in the rain. And that little heart is adorable.

Julie said...

The portal is back and you are on it. Go read ...

Mark said...

On the North Coast of NSW Australia we are having a lovely spell of warm dry weather! Nice to vist I love-tel-Aviv and see wet pavement.

Fragmentage said...

lovely, thanks for sharing those "cool" pics on a hot day!