Friday, March 30, 2012

... because of the sport (Tel Aviv marathon)

Running along Hayarkon street, by the ocean

Naturally, I got to watch (participate? I wish!) the Tel Aviv marathon quite by mistake. This morning I had an early appointment - at 8:00 AM. Since this night the clock went forward 1h to adjust to the daylight saving time, this  was actually 7:00 AM. And since this morning many streets were closed for traffic due to the marathon - I decided to ride a bike. Only when I got to the Tel-O-Fun (bicycles for rent) station, I saw that everyone had  the same genius idea of riding a bike this morning, and surely enough, no rental bicycles were available in 4 km radius... So I sent a text apologizing for missing the appointment, and decided to go for a walk instead.

And as I walked - on Ibn Gvirol street, and then, following the marathon route, on Frishman and Dizengoff streets - I realized that this morning, if you don't get to running the marathon, the least you could do - is take a look. Because this is such a beautiful, inspiring event. All of the sudden, the city was all dressed in bright, colorful sport gear, and everyone was running, or sliding on rolling blades, or riding a bicycle - and all of the other activities had been put aside, to make place for the marathon.

Take a look at the official Tel Aviv marathon site to learn more about the various activities that took place today.

Skies are bright today in Tel Aviv... take a look at skies all over the world at Sky Watch Friday!


Dina said...

I have to admit, your Tel Aviv looks a lot happier, lighter, and more colorful than Jerusalem today, Yom HaAdama.

Fragmentage said...

I second Dina's comment!

Thanks for the pictures :)

Luna Miranda said...

you're right, runners make the streets happier, more alive, especially on weekends. great photos.

sparrow said...

I just feel tired and want to curl up on a sofa when I see such activity:-)

Great photos though Olga