Tuesday, February 21, 2012

... because of the fashion

Do you remember this bit in "You've Got Mail" movie (a romantic comedy with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, made in 1998, when the mass e-mail phenomenon had just begun), where Kathleen, a small neighbourhood book shop owner (played by Meg Ryan), discusses with her friend the coming opening of a big chain book store just around the corner? Kathleen tries to remain optimistic. She says:
So really it's a good development. You know how in the flower district, there are all these flower shops in a row so you can find whatever you want. Well, this is going to be the book district.
This is of course not at all what happens eventually in the movie, but that's another story... However, Jeremiah street, in Tel Aviv's "old north" neighbourhood, is just like Kathleen's "district" - fashion district, with "all these fashion shops in a row so you can find whatever you want".
Strolling Jeremiah street is one of my favorite things to do on Friday mornings. A coffee to go from a local coffee shop, and then window shopping - following by some actual shopping sometimes. I like the best small shops of Israeli designers - such as (and especially!) Keren Mualem's boutique. Keren's designs are simple, chic, stylish, a bit on a retro side - not too much, just enough.
Last summer Ehud and I were getting married, so I looked for a wedding dress. We had a very small, simple ceremony, and I really wanted just a small, simple dress. Of course, "small and simple" is an antitheses of the general wedding gowns concept. I tried on some very beautiful things, but this wasn't at all what I was looking for. And also, somehow I knew that I would find my wedding dress in one of the smaller shops of Tel Aviv young designers. And so one Friday morning I took a stroll on Jeremiah street. I looked into several stores, and eventually I walked into Keren Mualem's. And there it was, my wedding dress, waiting for me on the cloth rack! (And - it was on sale! :)
You can see some of Keren's beautiful designs on her instagram page.

For your Tel Aviv address book:
Keren Mualem
Jeremiah (Yermiyahu) st. 27, Tel Aviv
רח' ירמיהו 27, תל אביב


sparrow said...

I absolutely LOVE this photo. Those "Security Cats" are hilarious. Are they waiting to check your bags as you leave or arrive?

Fragmentage said...

I love your blog :) Left Tel Aviv a couple of years ago out of rational motives but left a big part of my heart there. Now I'm very curious how your wedding dress looked like (mine was from the Shuk in Jaffa btw..)!

Davidlind said...

All your photos are really well done. I like the framing too. And the commentary that goes with them is interesting. I don't often say this but you have a very nice blog! And I enjoy searching through the posts.

college tips said...

Tel Aviv is truly one of the most beautiful cities that I have had the pleasure of visiting, and the fashion sense in the people in the area is inspiring.