Friday, May 2, 2008

... despite Dizengoff square

This square and this fountain (or, according to its official name, "Fire and Water" kinetic sculpture) are some of the most controversial pieces of Tel-Aviv architecture and town-planning. A long time ago Dizengoff square was actually a square, connected to the streets around it, but then it had been decided to perform square's re-design due to a heavy traffic problem it posed.
In 1978 the square was elevated above the ground, so that the traffic will go beneath it. The traffic issue had most probably been solved, but somehow disconnecting the square from the ground made it quite a sad place, with lots of homeless people around.
The text graffiti on the bottom of the fountain says: "Establishment = criminals = death to the little man!!!"...
On the bright side, a rumor has it the square will be rebuilt again. Fingers crossed!

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gogouci said...

Cool fountain with neat, bright colors. Nice pic.