Saturday, May 3, 2008

... because of the coffee & coffee shops

Tel-Aviv is a coffee paradise. When you stroll the streets of the city, it seems that the majority of the population either are drinking their Java on the go, or are indulging themselves in numerous coffee houses.
It's funny though that this abundance is only a recent development, and that some 15 years ago it was almost impossible to find here a cup of a decent coffee. Then in ~ 1994 Ilan Shenhav had opened "Ilan's" coffee shop, first on Ibn Gvirol street here in Tel-Aviv, and then, as a chain, in more locations, and taught us all good coffee what it is. Since then many Israeli and international coffee chains were opened and flourish in Israel, mainly in Tel-Aviv. The woman on the photo drinks a cup of "Arcaffe", brought from a Bazel street branch of this chain.

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Judy Pearson said...

I love this place Tel Aviv for me is a dream to venture. Reading your blog I was imagining myself walking in the street and sipping a hot cup of coffee. I hope and wish to visit your city. Thank you a lot for sharing this city information with us.