Sunday, March 23, 2008

... because of Ramat Ha-hayal

Ramat Ha-hayal is a wealthy neighborhood in northeast Tel-Aviv. It has 2 very different faces: from one hand, this is a small village inside the city, built mostly of 1 or 2-store villas. From the other hand, it's a bustling and rapidly growing industrial district. I happen to work in this area for about 10 years now, and it's fun to watch it changing its shape: roads are built, traffic lights added, old humble garages knocked down to make place for modern steel-and-glass buildings. (Quite like the opening scenes of "New Amsterdam" TV series, where the immortal hero watches New-York's Time Square changing its shape for a period of 400 years :-)

I love this place because it is so full of memories to me. And I love the fact that there are tons of nice restaurants around my office, and sometimes when I leave the work late, I watch nicely dressed people hurrying to a music club or a restaurant.

About Ramat Ha-hayal:
This neighborhood had been established after Israeli War of Independence, in 1949. ("Hayal" - Hebrew abbreviation for "Jewish Infantry Brigade" - a unit of the British Army that was composed of Palestinian Jews, and that served in Europe during the WW II.) It was built to accommodate families of demobilized Israeli army soldiers, that were injured during the War of Independence. At first this was a humble neighborhood, with lack of schools, shops, and even electricity and roads. Little by little, the place flourished, and became a green picturesque postcard, with gardens and shingle roofs.

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