Saturday, March 22, 2008

... because of patriotism

This patriotic graffiti is found all over the city, on prestigious avenues and poor neighborhoods. It says "Am Yisrael chai" - "The people of Israel live". This is a traditional phrase that has been sung, danced to, and has uplifted generations of Jewish people.

Here it is, looking quite symbolic on a wall of this demolished building, in the heart of "Ha-tikva" ("The hope") neighborhood, at the corner of Etzel st. and Ha-haganah road.

Haganah ("The Defense") was a Jewish paramilitary organization in the British Mandate of Palestine, and became the core of the Israel Defense Forces. Etzel (Hebrew abbreviation of "National Military Organization") was a militant Zionist group that was established as offshoot of the Haganah.


Anonymous said...

do you have any information about the Yoram Levinstein Acting School there, in Tel Aviv? I couldn't find a website, an address, not even a phone number, I am interested about studying there... If you do know, please, can you let me know?

Olga Levina said...

Hi Marcelo,