Tuesday, March 11, 2008

... because of Flame trees

There are many names for this tree, the official one being "Royal Poinciana", but Flame tree is the most poetic and suits it the best.

This beautiful tree was first brought to Israel by Templers, religious immigrants from Germany, to their settlement named Sarona. Sarona was a small village outside Jaffa with a sad history. Its residents had been deported twice: in 1917 (WW I), and again and finally in 1944 (WW II). The city of Tel-Aviv had taken over Sarona, and today very little of it remains.

This picture was taken on Rothschild avenue - the oldest and by far the coolest of Tel-Aviv's avenues.


manonafence said...

I had stayed as a development worker and as a medical doctor in Uganda. I do love flame trees, I used to have them all around my house, lemon trees, avocado trees, bananas. Just visited your country, have a look,but mind you: I had only ONE week!

Anonymous said...

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