Sunday, August 25, 2013

... because of the Dogs beach

Busy Saturday morning on Dogs beach
Of all the spectacular Tel Aviv beaches, Dogs beach is probably my favorite. (And I don't even have a dog!) I think it's so special to me because of this extraordinary brotherhood and togetherness between all: couples and families, young and old, dogs and people; all just coexist in peace and tranquility on this (not so large) slice of sand and water. I really like how the sea and the beaches in Tel Aviv are open, inviting and accessible for all, and Dogs beach is one of the great examples of this openness. And yes, the owners can let their dogs run loose and free, and swim, and play!..
A bit of paradox (maybe), but this beach is also really calm and tranquil: not too loud, not too crowded. (Even though it may not seem so on the picture - but it's also Saturday morning in August, when all the beaches are at their busiest!) And (as I already mentioned elsewhere), dogs in Tel Aviv are really cool, friendly creatures.
I can't believe it's already the last week of August... summer is flying by so fast! Fortunately, in Tel Aviv we should have already a couple of summery-weather months ahead of us, with many days of sun, and sea, and dogs running free on the warm sand.


Nelli L said...

Awesome. Maybe next year I'm there.

Dina said...

Lots of action in this post. Nice!

Hildegard said...


J. said...

Yes, you are right, the dog beach is truly something special, I don't think anything like that exists in any other place, at least not as it is here. So something to be proud of as a Tel Avivian, for sure!