Tuesday, October 30, 2012

... because of the art - Salon d'automne

"Salon d'automne" ("Autumn Salon") is an exhibition of the works of young and innovative artists held in Paris every year for more than a century, since 1903. This year, for the first time, "Salon d'automne" will be held in Tel Aviv!
I couldn't be more excited, not only since I'm an enthusiastic francophile, but also because my talented friend, Lesya Bershov, presents 3 of her works in the exhibition! Visit "Salon"'s site to learn about this event, and come to visit "Salon d'automne" in Jaffa Port! And take a look at Our World Tuesday for more beautiful and touching things around the world...


Ronda Lustig said...

Art pieces such as this one could make the atmosphere in a salon a lot better than the usual. Heard there are studies that says what's pleasing to the eyes could help a person or even the pets calm their minds.

Tel Aviv Apartments said...

For sure, that has been a great exhibition in our dear Tel Aviv... Just another positive point making this town gorgeous to live in !