Wednesday, February 29, 2012

... because of cycling in the park - part1

Last week at a company offsite meeting I saw someone who I hadn't met for a while. "So what is new with you? - he asked. - Cycling around Tel Aviv, as always?"
"All the time, - I told him. - But I actually don't recall that we ever talked about this."
"We hadn't, - he answered. - I just guessed. You seem just the type."

I left this little encounter so proud of myself. I was just the type to cycle around Tel Aviv! For years, I really wanted to be this type. I thought cycling was really cool, urban, hip thing. And yet, for years I couldn't be this type. The thing is, a year ago I didn't know how to ride a bike. Or to be more exact, I was terrified to ride a bike.

I cycled when I was a kid, but then at some point, probably when I tried to ride a bike that was to big for me, I got scared. Scared to the point that I really couldn't think of cycling again ever in my life. And I pretty much accepted that. Not a big deal. Many people can't ride a bike. But then I moved to Tel Aviv. And in Tel Aviv, cycling is such a huge part of the urban culture. First and foremost, I felt in love with bikes aesthetics. I really liked taking photos and making sketches of bikes and of cyclists. But still, I couldn't ride.

And then last year I decided that this is it. I really must learn (again!) how to ride a bike. At first, I couldn't think of a way. Should I first buy a bike and quietly try it on my own? What if I don't succeed - what do I do with the bike then? And of course, the most important decision - should I wear a helmet?!

When I shared these musings with Anat, she laughed at me. This is so simple, she said. There are tons of instructors who teach how to ride a bike right here, in Park Hayarkon.

~~ To be continued. Happy leap year everyone! ~~


Fragmentage said...

This is so ironic! When I first came to live in Tel Aviv around 10 years ago cycling was for the weirdos, or at least that's how I felt when I cycled along all on my own trying to avoid getting hit by a car :)

sparrow said...

How lucky you are. I live in a city of 100 hills and gale force winds most of the year, so cycling is more of a trial than a pleasure.

Davidlind said...

You have a great eye and your photos are aesthetically pleasing. Here is another one. Very balanced in different way. Thanks for sharing.