Friday, June 18, 2010

... because of Shenkin street

Seems that whenever I feel like exploring Tel Aviv, I wound up going to Shenkin street. This is probably because it got a really great atmosphere of coolness and unique character. Everything is special about Shenkin: the cafes, the shops, the buildings are different, not quite like those in other parts of the city.
The store on the picture is called "Candy drugstore" - one of those stores in which you can pick from various sorts of candy, only here, in this small shop on Shenkin 30, the shop is "dressed up" to a pharmacy, and even sales persons are dressed up to pharmacists, wearing white gowns.


Philipus said...

hello, i love the way you describe the beauty that you see. Thankyou for sharing

MadeInScotland said...

hello hello, or is that SHalom, shalom.

For the 3rd summer running I'm here in Tel Aviv, This summer however for insurance reasons I may not blog until I am back home. But go back this time last year and year before to see what I think.

Shenkin St 2ce this week already!

Salome Fakiel said...

what is the name of this candy store please??