Friday, March 13, 2009

... because of the kiosks

According to Wikipedia, kiosk as a building type was invented in Turkey, not far from here... there are lots of kiosks in Tel Aviv; some sell coffee, some sandwiches and beverage, some local food like falafel, some even sushi; most, like the one on the photo (which is called "The family kiosk") - sell newspapers and magazines, ice cream, soft drinks, cigarettes, parking and lottery tickets.
Kiosks were first introduced to Tel Aviv (and to Israel) during 1920s, when the big wave of the "Fourth Aliyah" ("Aliyah" = Jewish immigration to Israel) induced a rapid development of the major cities, mainly Tel Aviv, but also Jerusalem and Haifa.
I like kiosks on the avenues (like this one - on Nordau ave.), where you can stop by while you walking or biking around the city (or double-park your car on you way to the office) to get some quick bagel or soda or coffee.

Make sure to visit Skywatch Friday to look at the skies around the world!


Lowell said...

That's fascinating, Olga. We have kiosks here, too, but inside the malls. I don't think I've seen one in the middle of the street!

Looks like great fun and a nice way to pick up a quick snack.

Robin said...

Gotta love the kiosks. The espresso ones always crack me up.

When you commented on my blog I didn't realize you were another local - I'm only about 20 minutes out of the city :).

floreta said...

what an inviting sky!

Don Wood said...

MY daughter and her partner have a beach kiosk for the summer season at Broadstairs when she opens I have said they need to blog their season to let us all know what it like XXX Don

chrome3d said...

I´ll have a falafel with apple juice while my car is illegally parked in front of the kiosk!:-) That sounds like a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Interesting information and nice photo to back it up. Nice to see this kind of "small news" from there. Very nice change. Thank you very much for this with us. Hope you have a nice, peaceful week.

You can find my entry here.

prkl, Finland

Merisi said...

I love kiosks too. They are like little islands in vast seas!

Thank you for teaching me where the word kiosks comes from, I had never thought about its origins. I had to immediately go to Wikipedia, fascinating facts, thank you! :-)