Saturday, April 5, 2008

... despite lack of parking space

If you will ask an average Tel-Aviv resident what it is that bothers him the most, the lack of parking space will probably make it to the top 5, somewhere between the air pollution and high real estate prices. It's unbelievable how much energy, time and nerves takes parking a car in a big dense city. Despite many obstacles, people of Tel-Aviv don't give up on using a car - public transportation and biking are not really common here.
On the picture - a parking supervisor prepares a ticket to an innocent victim :( , on a sunny and relaxing Friday morning.


Uma por Dia said...

Welcome Tel-Aviv :)

Olga Levina said...

Thank you Lisbon! :-)

Anonymous said...

Remember the old Beatles song
"Lovely Rita, meter-maid"?
The picture reminds me.
Well, you Tel Avivis can always move to my moshav. No parking problem here. We don't even have sidewalks. hehe

Anonymous said...

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