Thursday, March 6, 2008

... because of the globality

My friend took me to a French cafe, called "C' si bon", next to her apartment, on Bugrashov street. Everybody but us spoke French: the owners, the waitresses, the customers! Our waitress asked us which language are we speaking. "Russian". She learned Russian in high-school; they read Turgenev's "First Love" ("Premier Amour") in the class.

This is a typical Tel-Aviv evening: coffee, mix of different languages, a reminder that it really is a small world.

About Bugrashov street:
Haim Burg (Bugrashov) was a teacher, one of the founders of the first Hebrew High School - Herzeliya, that still exists here in Tel-Aviv. After the WW I Bugrashov helped to establish a Tel-Aviv neighborhood called Nordia that provided home to people in need. Bugrashov st. is the main street of this neighborhood; it was called after Bugrashov while he still lived (not a very unusual habit in Tel-Aviv :). Later he changed his name to Burg, but the street name hadn't been replaced.

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